i4 Time Attendance & Access control System

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Time Attendance & Access control System

MF 850 a compact and efficient stand-alone device for Fingerprint & RFID based Time attendance & Access Control System. Easy installation and flexibility of report generation make this system an ideal office automation tool for time management and security purposes. The advanced Fingerprint recognition system enables quick and accurate identity matching and can record up to 50,000 transaction records. The major advantage of the device is the facilit of Fingerprint RFID & Passwords – all rolled into one, with a flexibility to use any one or a combination for TA&AC.;


Fingerprint Intelligence –MF-850 New is most intelligent fingerprint recognition system. It can automatically update the registered fingerprint template based on the changing patterns of the skin and behavior of finger placement. This unique feature ensures that administrator is not required to frequently re-register users and false rejection is minimal.

Inbuilt RFID Card Reader – MF-850 NEW comes with inbuilt 125 KHz Standard RFID Card Reader which allow user to use double authentication of Card & Finger, Reader can be configured Card + Finger / Card or Finger.

Rugged & Scratchproof Fingerprint scanner –MF-850 new come with rugged and scratchproof fingerprint scanner with long life. Some competing products in the market require you to change the scanner surface every few months.

Identification Mode – Fingerprint / Card / Password / Fingerprint + Card / Fingerprint + Password / Card + Password / Fingerprint +Card+ Password

Technical Specification

Model Name

MF-850 New

Finger Storage Capacity

2000 Finger Images

Logs Storage Capacity

50000 Records

Maximum Finger Per person Stored


LCD Display

Color TFT (2.8-inch TFT)



User Name Display

Display User Name up to 8 Characters


Integrated Human Voice with Buzzer

Finger Print Sensor

Rugged Optical 500dpi Finger Sensor

Identification Time

=< 1 sec

Central Processing Unit




False reject rate:


False accept rate:


Than on the way:


Accessories & Packaging List

Mounting Bracket & Screw, Attendance Software CD.

Card Reader

Inbuilt EM Card Reader

Wiegand interface

Supports standard input and output WG26/WG34

*Support MF10 Exit Fingerprint reader